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AstLinux is primarily a security fix release, fixing vulnerabilities in eglibc (including stack-based buffer...

AstLinux 1.2.5 adds new 64-bit board types (genx86_64 and genx86_64-serial), faster reboots using a new "kernel-...

AstLinux adds "Fossil" software configuration management system for local configuration files including Web...


Highlights of the 1.1.3 release:

  • Addition of an Asterisk Operator Panel (FOP2) via new Add-On Package facility.
  • Logrotate automatically configured to control logging.
  • The latest Prosody which now works with Asterisk 1.8 res_jabber and supports XMPP PubSub.
  • Web Interface enhancements.
  • Several security and bugfix updates to core packages.

New Installations, follow these instructions: New Installation Instructions

Please read the changelog for a full list of changes.



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