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AstLinux is primarily a security fix release, fixing vulnerabilities in eglibc (including stack-based buffer...

AstLinux 1.2.5 adds new 64-bit board types (genx86_64 and genx86_64-serial), faster reboots using a new "kernel-...

AstLinux adds "Fossil" software configuration management system for local configuration files including Web...


The AstLinux Team is happy to announce the release of 1.0.1. This release is a bugfix release with some important updates over 1.0.0 and previous 0.7.x releases. All users are encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible.

When upgrading from 0.7.x releases, you MUST follow the instructions on the following page EXACTLY or you will have problems! Upgrading from 0.7 to 1.0.x

Current 1.0.0 release users should also follow the steps on that page to ensure runnix is upgraded. A change was made in the way IDE (PATA) devices are addressed by the kernel. We are now using the libata method rather than the legacy method. While the runnix version included in 1.0.0 should work with 1.0.1 images, we recommend updating for consistent behavior.

New Installations, follow these instructions: New Installation Instructions

Please read the changelog for a full list of changes.



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