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AstLinux 1.2.3 adds security fixes, including 35 significant "CVE" exploits have been resolved for various packages...

AstLinux 1.2.2 adds Asterisk 13 support including pjsip for testing purposes, new Monit monitoring feature, core...

AstLinux 1.2.1 adds WAN Failover support, monitor S.M.A.R.T enabled SSD's with the smartctl command and smart-status...


AstLinux is a "Communications and Network Appliance" open source software distribution. Unified communications including voice, presence and messaging, provided by Asterisk (SIP, DAHDI) and Prosody (XMPP). AstLinux's framework allows integrators and developers to deploy solutions that may be remotely monitored, supported and upgraded using an optimized 50 MB image.

AstLinux provides a communication and networking platform including:

  • Asterisk 1.8, 11 or 13: SIP, DAHDI - Voice PBX
  • Asterisk Operator Panel: FOP2 - optional Add-On Package
  • Prosody 0.9: XMPP - Presence and Messaging
  • Linux: Kernel 3.2, Busybox base with iproute2, e2fsprogs and util-linux
  • VPN Support: OpenVPN IPSec VPN and PPTP
  • Scripting Languages: bash, php, lua and perl
  • Web Server: Linux-Lighttpd-SQLite3-PHP
  • Monitoring: Zabbix SNMP and UPS Equipment
  • IPv4 / IPv6 Router and Stateful Filtering Firewall
  • DHCP, DNS, TFTP DNSCrypt Proxy NTP and FTP servers
  • SMTP email forwarding for notifications
  • Fossil software configuration management system for local configuration files
  • LDAP server for distributing directory information
  • ODBC database abstraction layer support for SQLite3
  • RUNNIX bootloader supporting firmware version management and low level diagnostics
  • Web interface for administration

Supported x86 based platforms include:

The following telephony hardware cards are supported via DAHDI:


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